The Kardashians … My Motivation.

When you’ve finished rolling your eyes, laughing and giving me side eye for the title of this blog post… then please hear me out.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe & Kourtney Take The Hamptons or whatever it’s called, motivate me enough for me to try and watch an episode a day and at least one episode every other day if I can’t stomach it every day. So let me start by saying for the most part I’m not like everyone who preaches how much they dislike the Kardashians. I don’t dislike them. What’s to dislike? The mastermind behind them is genius, they know how to take nothing and make it something and not only just something ordinary, something pretty damn spectacular. Let’s face it. They were nothing before that sex tape right? And now they are known all over the world, because one of them filmed something that everyone in the world does… have sex.

Anyway. I watch the Kardashians whenever I feel my motivation start to lull.. Why? Because they have so much, and have been given so much, and in return for what? What spectacular talent do they bless the rest of the world with? They look good. We follow them living the lives with money and cars and riches, all given to them because they look good. If you can find a talent worthy of all the fame they have then please let me know…? So I watch them for motivation because I truly believe that if they can have so much with no talents, surely I can work hard enough to get to an equal level with what I would consider to be talents I am proud of. Yeah I’m tooting my own horn a little, so what!?

How blessed are they?

But more importantly than everything they have for themselves, the cars, the shoes, etc, yeah it’s all fantastic, the holidays, yes that’s amazing! More important than all of that was the lives their children were able to lead, the things they were able to see, the silver spoons they were fortunate enough to have propped in their mouths. Their kids get all of that out of luck. Not because their parents worked harder than anyone else, but simply because they were lucky. And so that motivates me to exploit my talents in any way that I can, because as far as we know, we only get one life and if this is the one life both me and my children get … then I want it to be spectacular.

Mark my words…

I will get it.

New Music: Ring OFF – Beyonce 7/11

Does anyone else love this song!? I heard this song and fell IN love with it completely. Not only is it put together in her true genius format but the words are just so beautiful and relevant… literally listened to this song repeat maybe 100 times already and I only discovered it on Saturday whilst I was getting ready to go out lol! Yes I’m one of those people, find a song I like and play it on repeat for the rest of my life or at least until I get so sick of it I never wanna hear the damn song again!

The bit that got me the most?

” You used to dress and fix your hair
Then you smiled through your tears
In the mirror you would stare
And say a prayer
Like, “I wish he said I’m beautiful
I wish it didn’t hurt at all
I don’t know how I got here
I was once the one who had his heart
Til you had enough and you took that ring off!”

Anyone check out the audio of the song below! Enjoy! x

Grey Hair…DO Care

So I’ve wanted to have grey hair for a long while now, but never really known how to go about it. So I decided to do my research and get on with it as I had the perfect event to attend and wanted to do so with my electric grey hair. Obviously I love my natural hair and so was never going to bleach my own hair and damage it to do this style, so it had to be a wig situation! Which is fine cause I love my wigs, they are completely the way forward!

So I purchased bleach blonde hair, beautiful beautiful hair… and a closure and I got to work.

Well who told me to try and achieve grey hair with my 0% knowledge on colouring or anything else relevant to achieving the perfect colour?!

So I ended up with green and blue hair…

Like for real though…

That was a fail. Tried something else. Ended up with a lighter green and brighter blue hair…

Ok sweating at this point because I’ve now invested near enough £200 in this hair and colour and it’s starting to feel like it was going to be money wasted! Not impressed of course.

Anyway so then I turned to YOUTUBE and I found the product that saved my life! Roux Fanciful True Steel temporary rinse!

Amaze balls! So long story short, with only a few hours to spend, I achieved NEAR ENOUGH the colour I wanted to and I’m so impressed. Knowing what I know now, I will definitely be able to get the colour bang on the first try next time!

So here’s a picture of the hair, looks lilac in this picture but I think that’s the lighting…because it’s steel silver! :)


Can ‘Self Discipline’ Be Taught..?

So I’m trying to get my life together. There are so many things I need to do in order to completely make that happen, but the first and most important thing is discipline. I know there are many forms of discipline, I understand that children can be taught to be disciplined in their approach and way of thinking… I’m just wondering if that is possible to teach yourself as an adult?

I have no self discipline. I.e; I find it very difficult to do what I have to do above the bare minimum. For example, looking after my son, my home, paying the bills, doing the food shopping, etc all those things I do and I do well, I do every single day and I don’t think about it; I don’t consider that discipline because those are the things I see normal to do. However when I say I say I struggle with being disciplined, I mean in terms of achieving the things I want to achieve. I will put off anything until ‘tomorrow’ if I can and you know what they say, tomorrow never comes and it is so true for me.

My business should be booming, my blog should be booming and my book should be completely finished. But none of that is true. Why? Because I am not disciplined enough to be consistent in doing what I need to do in order to make those things happen…

So I’m really reaching out at this moment in time…

If you have any ideas, tips or anything that worked for you that could HELP me learn how to be more disciplined then please let me know!

What Kind of Fairytale Is This…?

Little girls all over the world are being raised as princesses, being taught they should never allow anyone to treat them as though they were less than that, and whilst that should seem like such a beautiful thing, the harsh reality is … I feel accidentally it has become the opposite.


Because we’re teaching our young boys the exact opposite.

Collectively by the thoughtless things we say to our boys, the behaviour we encourage, the values we DON’T encourage as much as we should and the things we expose them to, we teach our boys how to be the very men we tell our daughters they should be avoiding. It’s accepted that boys WILL have multiple girls to entertain, we tell boys they’re too young to settle down, go out and live, we call good looking little boys ‘heartbreakers’ without realising that the only hearts they will be breaking are those of our daughters. We actively encourage our young boys to treat women in ways we tell our daughters they are too special to ever accept.

I guess my point is, in order for it to be a beautiful thing that we are raising our daughters to never forget they are princesses, and to demand and expect to be treated like that at all times… we need to raise our sons to be the Princes our daughters are expecting to meet…

Other wise …. What kind of fairytale is this?