Only Thing I Hate More Than A Dumb Hoe … Is A SMART Hoe!

Dumb Hoes are everywhere … Nothing new. Sadly we live in a world where girls are fucking dudes for a spliff and finding themselves creating home movies with groups of guys, and being paid in nothing but a lack of respect and a name for themselves that will stick in ways they hadn’t even contemplated at the time!

I hate dumb hoes, because I pity them.

I pity the fact that they are stupid enough to think a man will take them seriously after they have slept with 5 guys they don’t know, at the same time.. On camera.

I pity the fact that they don’t have the common sense to know they are playing a losing game! Nobody wants to wife the girl that everyone’s been through.. Don’t get it twisted though, someone somewhere will one day… But nobody says “you know that girl that slept with every man on the block, yeah her, I wanna marry her you know” NOBODY FUCKING SAYS THAT! And so I hate the dumb hoe, because I pity her!

But what I hate more than her, is her smart ass friend who knows EXACTLY what her smart ass is doing. I know too many of them and they BAFFLE me! The smart hoe is the female who is seemingly together, doing well in life, looks like she’s going places, everyone’s sure she is going to be something … But is smashing a different guy every week and feeling more and more shit about herself because she knows what she is doing is whack! The smart hoe is the chick knowingly selling herself short, not even really enjoying the feel good for more than a few minutes because she’s too busy asking herself what she’s doing!

The dumb hoe doesn’t have the mental capacity to even look at what she’s doing as anything other than a black and white situation, it was just something she did. The smart hoe knew and has been knowing that she’s settling and she’s doing it anyway…

That shit baffles me

STOP Playing Chicken With These Boys!!

Let’s keep this one short and sweet!

Ladies, ladies, ladies … please stop playing chicken with these not ready to settle down, telling you I love you but talking to every chicken head that shows me a little attention, know I will never find another woman as perfect as you but I’ma still holla at shorty on the low, trying desperately to keep you hanging around until I’m ready to be a semi decent man to you, boys!

If you’re gonna play chicken with them and see who you can bring more bullshit to the table… you cannot win.


Because no matter how good a woman you may be… if a man is not ready to receive that woman in all her glory in his life… it’s irrelevant.

A man will have the woman of his dreams in every way, and still entertain females that aren’t worth half of her. A man will have a woman that his family love, his friends think is hella cool and will still fuck it up to send a dick pic and get his ego stroked.

Don’t play chicken with these boys, WIN by walking that shit out your life!

7 Signs You Should Break Up..

Nobody but the parties involved in the specific relationship can provide a definitive answer to this question because only you know what does and doesn’t make you happy. However in my opinion, there are ways that even the most love blind sucker can tell it’s time to call it a day.

1. The attraction is GONE. I don’t mean it’s going, I don’t mean it’s not as strong as it was, I mean GONE. Like he makes your skin crawl, don’t want him to touch you, would rather shit in your hands and clap than be intimate with him, don’t think he’s cute any more and dread what your kids will look like. Yeah if you feel like this, that spark probably ain’t coming back…time to keep it pushing.

2. You fight MORE than you laugh. Couples are going to fight, you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t. It’s a given. However when you spend more time fighting than you do laughing and enjoying eachothers conversation and company then something isn’t right. What is the point in that? What are you even holding on to, it’s not even like you have fun with eachother anymore.

3. EVERYTHING is a fight or an argument. Whilst it’s normal to argue and fight, it’s not normal for small things, big things, all things to cause it to get heated. If it does it means you’re no longer communicating. Whilst this can be fixed, both parties have to really want to fix it and usually it’s this way because either one or both are not as invested as they were.

4. You (or him/her) look elsewhere for affection/happiness. Do I even need to explain this one? If you entertain outsiders in order to get your fill of affection, if you rely on someone else to make you laugh for the day or even to have a worthwhile conversation with then it’s probably over.

5. They damage your self esteem. So I hate the smart asses who are like “It’s called SELF esteem how can someone else damage it”, because they’re just trying to be smart with a play on words. The truth is, although it is about how you feel about yourself; outside influences change for the better and for the worse how you feel about yourself. You’re human. How other people react to you, treat you, speak to you, see you, matters when you care about the opinions of those people so if you’re with someone who negatively impacts that…ask yourself why?

6. You don’t want the same things. This one is always subject to change because people change. People who said they didn’t want kids at the start of the relationship, may well want kids when they fall in love and vice verse. However if you’re with someone and it’s long term and the things you want differ wildly; maybe you need to sit down and work it out because whilst that might change over the duration of your relationship it also may not and then you’ve invested years and years and years with someone who will never provide what you want.

7. You’re reading this and your mental checklist is full of ticks... The thing is I could go on all day with signs and reasons as to why you might be in the wrong relationship, with the wrong person, at the wrong time, but let’s be honest. You didn’t really need to read this to know you’re situation needs changing one way or another.

I’ve searched all sorts of things when I’ve been in a strange place within my relationships, but not because I’m trying to find the answers online but rather because I’m trying to find the courage to dig out the answers I know I already have. There’s something comforting about knowing you’re not on your own… that someone else is going through the same shit, that someone elses boyfriend makes them feel like shit.

All relationships are not meant to last. Some relationships are put in your life to teach you how to be better for the next person, sometimes you’re the teacher and sometimes the student…x

The KARRUECHE TRAN Interview …

I watched the Karrueche Tran interview and I had mixed feelings about it. Here’s why..

1 – The interviewer. I can’t even remember her name. What a patronising cow. I hate older women like that who clearly don’t seem to appreciate that times have changed. Dating in 1980 was not the same as dating in 2015. It’s different. If you don’t understand the times, you don’t understand how difficult it is to maintain a relationship in a generation where you don’t even have to leave your house to meet new women or when women take pride in stepping on each other and think it is something of an achievement to ‘get’ someone elses man? It wasn’t like that in their day, but it is now.

2 – Karrueche tried it. She tried because she attempted to say that when ‘Chris Brown’ called her and said let’s hang out, she was just like ‘yeah ok’ …erm ok no you weren’t because he wasn’t and isn’t and never has been to you, a normal person. If that’s really how you went into it then you fucked up.

3 – Her biggest mistake was falling in love with someone who was incapable of loving her in the way that she deserved. I don’t doubt he loved her, but he would never be able to give her what she needed from him.

4 – Her second biggest mistake was doing the interview. Let’s be clear…she’s only known for being Chris Browns girlfriend. She has no talents, she’s not known for anything else so why on earth does she feel the need to ‘voice’ her opinion and get her side out now that it’s over? Keep your silence, move on with your life…don’t sit on TV and give people what they want because you wanted to come out and look like ‘i’m human, i make mistakes’ but instead you went on TV failed to take responsibility for the part you played in your own downfall and people are dragging you for fucking filth!!

I didn’t like the interview at all, found it very uncomfortable to watch and just wanted it to be over. Me personally I wouldn’t have continued with that interview when that woman started patronising and downplaying what I had been through and when she started to TELL me what I had been through it would be a wrap.

So my verdict… pointless as FUCK.

Cost vs Worth

Cost and worth are two very different things… in every aspect of life. Generally this relates to business where the cost of a product or service tends to exceed its worth. For example, you pay £60 for a pair of shoes that cost £10 to make. Or better yet, when you want tickets to an event and all the tickets are sold out but you manage to find someone who is selling theirs and they are charging you three times the amount the paid for them? Yeah they may have cost £100 but they are now worth £300.

But I do find that this can actually be related to the dating world pretty well..


Well it’s pretty simple really. Your WORTH is what you deserve…but your COST is what you accept.

What do I mean?

Well you might deserve a man to treat you like a princess, you might deserve a man to throw rose petals at your feet, you might deserve an honest, loyal, hard working man who will be a great provider for your family and make you feel special every day. Yet here you are with a man who treats you like a toy, picks you up and puts you on the shelf when he’s bored, entertains other women behind your back and generally treats you as if you could never expect to do any better than him…

So whilst your worth may be through the roof, it didn’t cost all that to get you, it’s not costing all that to keep you so your cost and your worth don’t match.

It sounds so simple and in theory, in the early stages it is that black and white but all it takes is for you to stay a moment too long in the presence of a man/woman that doesn’t truly see your worth and before you know it your worth is reduced to match your cost. I say that because what we are worth is whatever we truly feel we are worth. When you stay with someone who treats you like you’re nothing and doesn’t appreciate you, you begin to believe them. Once you accept a diminished sense of self worth and you allow your worth to lower to your cost, leaving becomes even more difficult because to leave you have to not only realise that you are worth more than what you are receiving, but better yet you have to believe it.

In short…sit down by yourself, and really understand your worth, know what you want for yourself, understand you can have that and believe it. And then, look at what you have…if the two don’t match, maybe you can work out the shortfall but if the short fall is simply a piss take then you know exactly what it is you have to do!