F2D Clothing …

I came across this clothing company on Instagram … UK born and bred, originating in Birmingham – you know I gotta support the UK talent. They are definitely doing big things, I believe they’re on ASOS and with great reason because their style is off the chain!

The prints are loud but clean, everything looks well thought out, well designed and excellently executed. Think old school Gwen Stefani, with a sprinkle of cool from Pharell, a touch of sexy swag from Chris Brown and a whole lot of ‘I don’t give a fuck I’m an individual’ from Weezy Babyyy and that to me is F2D. F2D which stands for Fresh to Death, is EXACTLY that.

Some bits on there I absolutely have to have, such as this leopard print jacket they have and another red and black leather piece … yes have to have! Prices are reasonable, not cheap and not sky high – but priced as you would expect a quality product to be!  Totally gonna get my order on and then I’ll upload another blog to see if I’m loving it or not! :)

Anyway check em out! x

OHHHHH and I think they have a line of Snapbacks coming out??? I’m not sure to be honest … but I think I heard that somewhere! I’ll check it out~!




  1. Daniel F2D · April 27, 2012

    Thanks for the great post!

    Yes we do have snapbacks dropping with NEW ERA and STARTER very soon!!


    • Kai Scribe · April 27, 2012

      no problem, always supporting! x

      Wicked, I look forward to it! x

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