My Jealous Streak … Will Kill a Bitch!

No word of a frigging lie … my jealous streak will end up killing a bitch! It’s too much. Sitting here watching Chris Browns music video and mid day dreaming about him being my man, I thought “could I handle it?” … ‘it’ being, being in a relationship with a man not only as beautiful as him, but with all the fans, the fame, the fortune, the high profile, the girls camping outside his hotel and lusting over my man – could I hack it? I don’t know that I could; in fact I’m almost certain I couldn’t.

My problem?


I’m not gonna lie, I got a mean jealous streak and I dare a bitch to try and claim my man in front of me … like these fans do, I will cut her. Imagine everywhere you go there are girls talking about how much they want your man, how much they’d do to get him, wishing bad shit would happen to you just to get you out the way, girls just throwing pussy at your man all day every fucking day … who can be bothered with that shit anyway? Then you gotta turn on MTV and watch him licking his lips and feeling up on some video hoe in his video, and read 20 million girls on twitter trying to get his attention with stupid @s. No seriously … I will cut someone. Like drake said “you gon make someone around me catch a body like dat!” 

Jealousy is usually (but not always) bred from an internal insecurity; you feel as though you lack something that someone else has and that insecurity enables you to be jealous. Did you know that Jealousy is so diverse that scientists are yet to agree on a single definition for it? I’m not surprised to be honest. Something else that didn’t shock me is that women suffer from extreme jealousy issues nine times more than men do – not shocking at all.

People always look at jealousy like it’s a bad thing, personally I don’t think it is. If controlled it can be a healthy emotion within a perfectly stable, happy and loving relationship. I love a little jealousy in my relationship, it shows me that he is bothered about remaining in my life and me remaining in his, and vice versa. When I get my jealous on it simply means I don’t want another female to take my spot, or any of his time because I want it all to myself. Rational? No… but honest. As long as you can be open about how you’re feeling in regards to those feelings of jealousy, don’t try to hide them, don’t use them as an excuse to try and control your other half and are generally reassuring and respectful of one another; I personally don’t see the problem.

I’m still learning to keep my feelings of jealousy under control, I am known to be extremely unreasonable … so I’m still learning; but the fact I’m aware that I can be out of control is a start.

I think …




  1. keepingitrealembassy · February 10, 2012


  2. Socialkenny · February 10, 2012

    Wow,I wouldn’t wan to see that jealous streak lol.

    • Kai Scribe · February 10, 2012

      lol it’ll get me locked up i’m telling u! x

  3. serenityluv1 · February 10, 2012

    I lack this trait! And it’s good and bad for me…Because my mate tend to think I don’t really care when I do care deeply. Yet, this is just how I am! If I even feel a slight bit of jealousy coming on within me…I back up immediately! Guess it’s a shut off valve for me…smh **I’m weird like that** LOL

    • Kai Scribe · February 11, 2012

      ur awesome, maybe i got ur share too. The woman who is not a jealous beast is soooo freaking attractive, men dnt like my jealous rage, hell i dnt even like it … *sobs* i’m trying lol.

      • serenityluv1 · February 11, 2012

        My ex-husband guy friends use to be like damn your wife is cool as hell, she don’t blow up your phone while you out. I would leave his ass at a party even though I spotted several sexy ass chics who might tempt him…because I was just confident in my shit! Well…in the end I got fucked…because I turned my head a little too much…because he was cheating and I was in LALA Land! LOL! Guess you have to have a balance there…not jealous but aware of your surroundings perhaps!?

      • Kai Scribe · February 11, 2012

        You a mans dream … I’m telling you. The thing is guys dig the jealous streak because it strokes their ego, as LONG as it’s on his terms… so as long it’s like you said, not blowing up his phone when he’s out and generally harassing his ass; but it’s only an ‘ok’ trait to have if it’s under control. Mine? Out of control, WAY out of control.

        Teach me how to tame this beast!!

  4. offdadome · February 11, 2012

    I know I shouldn’t but I co-sign on cutting a bitch, maybe ‘cuz I know how conniving some girls/women can be. smh

    • Kai Scribe · February 11, 2012

      looooool i knew I could count on you to co-sign on my outta control craziness! hehe! Ya damn straight, girls/women … make me fucking sick; I know how ill they can be cause I know how ill I can freaking be … tut tut.

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