I freaking LOVE Nail day! Nail day is where I look down at my nails and decide “OH HELL NOOOOOO, You know I GOT to get my nails did” … *nicki minaj accent*

Well today is nail day … yes it’s gone midnight, it’s nail day. My nails are my thing, I always get my nails done; it’s a must they always look cute. I’ve had all sorts of wildness. I’ve had the ghetto nails, the creative nails, colourful, long, experimental; whatever I could do I’ve done – and now I’m on the stiletto nail…

For those who don’t know what they are, they’re like witches nails … pointy and I adore them. So what design? or should I just get a colour? Hmm … at the moment I’m like candy pink – *yawn* yes .. boring! But at the mo, I’m loving this ish (see below) I’ll sleep on it and hit you up once I’ve done it to let you know!

The Military Nails I am DIGGING!!!  … I mean how effing important do they look?

On the other hand, I love the demure softness of the peach and floral … cute!

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